Wasabi Sportfishing 
Offshore Fishing Charters for Tuna, Swordfish, Mahi, and More
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Deposits: A 25% deposit is required at the time your trip is booked. Due to the cost involved in preparing for a trip, the deposit is non-refundable. In the event the trip is cancelled by the Captain, the trip shall be rescheduled at a mutually acceptable date.

Trip Departure / Return Times:
Departure and return times and trip duration are approximations and are influenced by a number of factors including weather conditions, sea conditions, fishing results, and other things. We usually will not have trips booked back to back, so we will usually have flexibility in when we leave and when we return. On occasion, we may need to shift the departure or return times due to weather and/or sea conditions, and will provide as much advanced notice as possible to our customers. All trips leave from and return to Freeport, New York.

Trip Cancellation / Rescheduling:
Decisions regarding trip cancellation,  delay,  or postponement due to weather or other issues shall be made solely by the Captain. In the event the trip is cancelled by the Captain, the trip will be rescheduled at a mutually acceptable date. Trips cancelled by the charter within 7 days of the scheduled departure date shall result in loss of deposit. Trips cancelled by the charter 8 or more days before scheduled departure will be re-booked at a mutually acceptable date.

Alcohol / Drugs: Hard Alcohol and/or any "street drugs" are prohibited on Wasabi. Moderate consumption of Beer is permitted, provided that it is not excessive, as determined solely by the Captain. The captain shall have final say as to how much beer can be brought on board, whether any customer is intoxicated, impaired, and/or a danger to himself or others, at which point, the trip will immediately terminate, without refund. Offshore fishing and alcohol don't mix well.

General Conduct: We pride ourselves on working hard to provide the highest level of quality service, equipment, and tackle to our customers. Customers are requested to use a reasonable amount of care with our tackle and equipment. Intentional mis-use, loss or damage to our tackle or equipment may result in an additional charge to our customers.  We want our customers to enjoy themselves, have a great time, and catch a lot of fish. 

Safety Instructions: The safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority. Prior to departure, we shall review the safety procedures and practices to be followed while on board, underway and at sea. Clients will also be instructed as to the location and proper use of safety equipment as well as posted safety procedures on Wasabi. Passengers are required to follow all crew instructions.

Call Captain Chris at 516-650-1759 to book a trip or get more information.

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